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If you decided to check out Green Bay Consumer after seeing me on WBAY-TV’s news, welcome!  If you’re a regular reader and would like to see the story, click here.

Green Bay Consumer’s goal is to provide consumers in Northeast Wisconsin with useful information to help you save money.  Green Bay Consumer combines great local deals, events, & giveaways along with some online sales information (for the record–I LOVE Amazon.com).  Every day you can check the Green Bay Consumer home page to find the latest and greatest daily deals in our area from sites like Groupon and Deal Chicken, too.

Kristin and I write posts almost every Monday – Friday, from the  to the latest free or cheap events going on in the area, to all the places you can take your kids out to eat for free (or cheap).   It’s catered to you, the people of Northeastern Wisconsin.

How do you keep track of what’s going on here at Green Bay Consumer?  There are several ways you can get the latest information:

  • Sign up for a daily email on the Green Bay Consumer home page.   You’ll receive a daily email blast in the afternoon (Monday – Friday) with a list of everything we have covered that day.  There is also a weekly option which is sent out on Fridays but please be aware that some posts may be out-of-date when you choose weekly.
  • Become of a fan of Green Bay Consumer on Facebook.  Some, but not all of the posts on this website are posted directly to the Facebook page.
  • Follow GBConsumer on Twitter.  All our posts will show up on Twitter.  We also tweet interesting articles we’ve read on the topic of saving money, retweet some of our favorite blog deals, and stick our toes into Green Bay Packers discussions once in a while.
  • We post some of our items to our Pinterest Board.
  • Subscribe to an RSS feed.

Looking for an article on a specific topic?  Use the handy dandy search engine on the home page.  Whether it’s the Hansen’s Pizza Warehouse Sale,  Green Bay Packers Pro Shop Tent sale, if we have written about it, you’ll find it by using the search box.

If you’d like to know more about the site, click the About tab on the home page.  Want to know some of our personal favorite sites to find great deals an useful information to keep your costs down?  You can click on the Resources tab.

Green Bay Consumer values your feedback, opinions, and deals that you have found, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for stopping by!

Blogging’s Dirty Little Secrets Part Two – other Blogs

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In this latest edition of Blogging’s Dirty Little Secrets, I’d like to discuss the hundreds of other sites out there in the same vein as Green Bay Consumer.

When I started my original website, I think I followed more than 50 money-saving blogs and websites, trying to find the best online deals to share with readers here in Northeastern Wisconsin.   I was so afraid of missing a deal! 

After a Green Bay Consumer post went viral (which, BTW, was a VERY cool thing), I discovered at least 100 other sites!  As time passed  literally hundreds of new sites popped up besides those, too.  However, I find myself  now following less than ten money-saving sites.  That’s it!

Why the big change? Two words: information overload.  My head was ready to implode from the amount of stuff I sifted through!  On any given day I had more than 1000 posts to read from other bloggers.

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Blogging’s Dirty Little Secrets – Affiliate links

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Bloggers have a dirty little secret that some don’t want you to know about: they make money off their websites with something called affiliate links.

Are you surprised?  I hope not because we’ve mentioned it more than a few times here on Green Bay Consumer.

When I first started using the internet in my quest to find the best deals around, I followed a lot of different blogs and websites.  Then I figured out that some were actually making money doing it.  It made sense that if they had ads on their site they were making money.   However, I didn’t completely understand how.

If you look at almost ANY website, profit or non-profit, there will be a Disclosure policy.  There’s one here on Green Bay Consumer, too and has been since the beginning.  It simply states that the owners of the site and Kristin and I may or may not be compensated for certain posts.  We also have ads on the right hand side of the site that help generate money.  We’ve always tried to be upfront about that.

If the owners of the site and Kristin and I really wanted to, we could monetize the snot out of this site and do a bunch of different things to make more money.    However, it’s not the main reason we do this.

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Annual Peace Tree Lighting November 20

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The Annual Peace Tree Lighting will be held at 6pm on Wednesday, November 20th. The ceremony is held in the Brown County courthouse rotunda in downtown Green Bay with the tree lighting outside to follow.  Area children will read essays on peace and sing holiday music.

The event is free and open to the public.

For more information, click here.

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