Dairy Queen: BOGO Blizzard when you join their fan club

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When you join the Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club, you’ll get BOGO Blizzards six times each year.

After registration, you will be mailed a link to your first coupon.  The coupon you print will be a unique code and can only be redeemed at the local Dairy Queen you select.

There are locations throughout Northeast Wisconsin where you can redeem your coupon including Green Bay, Howard, De Pere, Appleton, Seymour, Neenah, Manitowoc and Shawano.

You will also receive valuable coupons on your birthday and anniversary of when you signed up.

BOGO Dairy Queen Blizzard through February 18

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Now through February 18, buy one medium Blizzard Treat and get one free at participating stores  when you sign up for the Dairy Queen Blizzard fan Club here.

After you get your email, all you have to do is enter your zip code, pick your store, then print your coupon.

The participating area stores include:

  • 2240 S RIDGE RD
    GREEN BAY, WI, US 54304-4364
  • 1081 N BROADWAY
    DE PERE, WI, US 54115-2609
  •  1301 MAIN ST
    GREEN BAY, WI, US 54302-1308
    DE PERE, WI, US 54115 4.38 mi
    HOWARD, WI, US 54313-6849

There are also locations throughout Northeast Wisconsin where you can redeem your coupon including Appleton, Seymour, Neenah, Manitowoc and Shawano to name a few.

Crocs: BOGO sale + free shipping over $25

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Because of my plantar fasciitis, I need shoes that treat my feet nice. That’s why I love my Crocs.  I must have about ten pair including snow  boots, dressy shoes, loafers and more.  That’s right; they’re not just those ugly yet comfortable “crocodile shoes” anymore.  And I bought them all last year when they had this great sale!

Buy One Get One Free Crocs when you use promo code CMBOGO at checkout.  Get free shipping when you order $25 or more.

Only need one pair of shoes (and really, who is THAT?!)  Use code MONDAY at checkout to get 35% off your order instead.

Thanks to Rose Knows Coupons!

It’s all Smoke and Mirrors

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There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at Green Bay Consumer, including the fact that I’m in the middle of writing my presentation for the FREE coupon class next Tuesday.  (And I’ll let you know when you can see a short news story on TV about the coupon class–we shot it yesterday).  And since we’ve gotten so many new readers lately, I thought I’d repost some of The Bargain Sleuth’s” greatest hits”.  This one comes from November 2010.

We’re knee-deep in Back to School shopping so I just thought I’d reiterate something I’ve mentioned before Buy One Get One 50% off is NOT a deal to me! For some reason the casual shopper falls for this trick and I don’t know why. It’s 25% off TWO items AT MOST and you’re forced to buy two items instead of one.  I see this a lot with shoe sales and it personally drives me nuts.

I hate being told how many of an item I have to buy.  It’s also why I rarely use coupons for multiple items ($3 off 2, for instance).  Besides, I don’t like to buy ANYTHING unless it’s at least 30%; you might have another threshold.

In several marketing classes I took in college, I saw study after study that these types of sales work more than a straight 25% off sale, simply because of perception.  Well, they don’t work with me!

My other beef is the sale signs that say “Up to 75% off! when you take an additional 25% off already-reduced prices“. You’ll never get the full 75% off which is why stores can get away with saying “up to 75% off” and many consumers think they’re getting that amount off an item.  But if you do the math, the discount is never that much because you’re not getting 75% off original price.  Here’s an example:

$ 100.00 item marked down 50%
–    50.00
$   50.00 additional 25% off that:
–   12.50
$   37.50 or 62.5% off, NOT 75%.

It’s all smoke and mirrors to make the buyer think they are getting a better deal than they actually are.  Now in this last example, 62.5% is nothing to sneeze at but in the BOGO 1/2 off deal, it’s not really a deal to me at all.  If I can stack a coupon or additional sales on top of the BOGO 1/2 off, then I  might be convinced.  But sometimes those sales exclude any other discount or clearance items.

I also previously talked about how BOGO sales might not be a good idea depending upon the starting price of an item. In the case of Toys R Us last month, their Crayola “sale” was anything but because their prices were so high to begin with. And this week Office Max has a similar deal with jacked up prices on the first item–even getting the second one free doesn’t compare to the prices at other stores.

Just thought I’d throw that out there as everyone and their brother has a “sale” this season.

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