Bzz Agent: John Grisham’s The Litigators

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It’s been a very busy month for all my favorite consumer-product testing sites.  Last month Bzz Agent, the word-of-mouth marketing company that I’ve mentioned numerous times, sent me copy of John Grisham’s new-to-paperback best seller The Confession.  Based upon that, some agents were selected to get Grisham’s newest book, The Litigators. The book doesn’t drop until tomorrow (that’s cool-speak for the date it’s released to the general public), but I got an advance copy last week. Thank you Bzz Agent!

It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading fiction. I love reading anything, but these days I’m busy pouring through deals on the internet and reading my free or super-cheap magazine subscriptions. Grisham is one of the few fiction authors that I still read. The prolific author (23 novels and a bunch of other stuff) makes lawyers seem, well, interesting.

I made the effort to read The Litigators and I gotta say, I think it’s one of Grisham’s better works. Why? The humor that he injects into the story. I love a good mystery but I also love great comedy. Mix the two and you have some of my favorite books and TV shows.  This is a very good read.

It’s also yet another reason that I’ve enjoyed being a Bzz Agent.

Smiley 360: Try new products for FREE

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There’s another consumer product testing website out there that I can recommend.  It’s called Smiley 360.

Smiley360 is a social community for people who love trying products, very similar to Bzz Agent, one of the other consumer product test sites to which I belong.

I was recently chosen for the Pam Cooking Spray Mission and got my package yesterday.  Pam has a new and improved formula that says will beat store-brand cooking spray hands down.  So they hire a company like Smiley360 to find people to test the product and get feedback.  Here’s what they sent me for this Mission:

  • PAM® Cooking Spray – Full Value Voucher (1 full-size can of spray)
  • Hunt’s Tomatoes – Full Value Voucher (1 can of tomatoes)
  • Pyrex Glass Dish
  • Spatula
  • Recipes
  • Step-by-step Guide for the Ultimate PAM® Challenge

If you’re interested in trying out Smiley360, click here.

Bzz Agent Review: Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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As readers of Green Bay Consumer already know, I’m happy to be a Bzz Agent and have been for almost six years.  Bzz Agent is a word-of-mouth marketing campaign company that works directly with manufacturers and hooks them up with customers to test new or improved products.  I recently told you about my experience testing the new Werther’s Caramel products.

The latest Bzz Campaign I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to is the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Campaign.  I received a starter kit and coupons to hand out to friends and family (many of which went into the Brown County Library Coupon Exchange.) This is a very hot product that has many people talking because of a fabulous deal at Wal-Mart.  They recently had the automatic toilet bowl cleaner starter kit for $3.97 (MSRP is $9.99) and there are $4/1 coupons available.  Meaning you could pick up yours for free.

Now remember, I LOVE Scrubbing Bubbles products in general even though I’m more of a Seventh Generation and Method cleaner kind of gal.  I prefer more “green” and environmentally-friendly cleaners but will not give up my Scrubbing Bubbles to clean our shower and tub.  With most of my purchases, especially with cleaners, I always consider the environmental impact of such choices.

The Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a device that sits on the floor next to the toilet and has a tube that attaches to the rim of your toilet bowl.  You step on the device to spray cleaner into the toilet bowl.  It’s recommended you do this twice a day and to do it before a period of non-use.  To see it in action click here.

I set up my Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner in the master bathroom even though the other two toilets in our house need more care.  Why?  Cuz I have four kids under the age of 8 and this device sitting on the floor is just ASKING for them to play with it.  I used the cleaner as instructed the first week and it definitely kept the toilet sparkling clean.  But the true test came when I did set it up in the kids’ bathrooms.

You can guess what happened next.   My two older kids were caught fiddling with it and they asked what it was.  I told them it was cleaning products and to not mess with it.  To the best of my knowledge they have stayed away.  However,  my two toilet-training toddlers who spend a lot of time in the bathroom couldn’t keep their hands off the One Step Cleaner.  Clearly Scrubbing Bubbles did their best to make this device as unobtrusive as possible but it’s still very visible.  I read one reviewer who said it reminded her of a medical device and I can’t disagree.   I pushed the device as far back as I could to keep it out of sight and out of the little girls’ hands.  That created a problem.  I had to push it so far out of the way that trying to step on the device required contortionist moves.

Also, the environmentalist in me wasn’t crazy about shooting toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl twice a day.  Sure, it keeps the bowl clean, but if you put any toilet bowl cleaner in your toilet bowl twice a day it should stay clean.  This product  makes it easier to do, but is it really necessary?  The unit is supposed to last one month and then you need to buy a refill.  For those that purchased the One Step Cleaner at Wal-Mart only to get one of the refills in the starter kit for free, that’s a whole lot of One Step devices that are going to end up in landfills if they don’t decide to donate them somewhere.

For me, I’d rather use the non-chemical laden toilet bowl cleaners (which work just as well) once a week and swirl a cleaning brush in the toilet bowl even though it takes a few more minutes.  If you don’t care about those considerations, then this product might be for you because it does work.

As a Bzz Agent, I am told to  “Give them your honest, hype-free opinion“.  The opinions expressed here are my own. 

Bzz Agent report: Werthers Caramels + coupon

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I am not the world’s biggest chocolate fan, but give me caramels and I am good to go. And one of the best caramel-flavored candies is Werthers. Remember the commercial with the grandpa in the sweater sharing a candy with his grandson?  Loved those commercials and have always loved Werthers original hard candy.

Recently I joined a Bzz Agent campaign to try the new Werther’s products. Bzz Agent is the word-of-mouth marketing company with which I have been a member for many years. I recently told you about my Dr. Scholl’s campaign and am currently also testing the Scrubbing Bubbles Hands Free Toilet Bowl Cleaning System. (I’ll be writing more about that product in a few weeks).

I received three different bags: Werthers Caramel Chocolates, Werthers Creamy Caramel-Filled Candies and Werthers Chewy Caramels.

The caramel chocolates were all right. Instead of a chewy center inside the chocolate it was more gooey liquid (think the consistency of the liquid in a chocolate-covered cherry.) I don’t like super-soft or liquid centers and quite frankly, these chocolates tasted like anything else I could buy in the store like Russell Stover or Hershey’s Pot O Gold. I also didn’t notice the buttery Werthers caramel taste that is their trademark. If it was there, it was hidden by the chocolate.

The Chewy Caramel centered hard candy was so much better. It’s the familiar Werthers taste but with a chewy caramel center. I like the size of the candies, slightly smaller than a regular Werthers, and because of that, the caramel center wasn’t a big gooey mess. I loved these.

But nothing can compare to the Werther’s Chewy Caramels. The taste is just like a Werther’s candy or homemade caramels, but consistency is much like Brach’s or Kraft caramels.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The. Perfect. Candy. For me, anyway.

You can get a Werther’s coupon for $1/2 bags on their Facebook page so you can try their yummy new products, too.  Or wait for the Sunday paper; there will be a $1/2 coupon in inserts as well!

So there you have it.  My $.02 on Werthers new caramel-flavored products.  Have you tried any of them?

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