New Car Seat advisory + FREE inspection and installation + save on car seats

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This week the American Academy of Pediatrics updated their recommendations for car seat usage.  They now say children should be rear-facing in car seats until age two, or until they exceed the height or weight limit for the car seat, which can be found on the back of the seat.  The important thing to remember is that these recommendations are the minimum, NOT the maximum. There was a great article on Parenting’s website telling how parents consider turning the car seat around as a milestone:

Parents are interested in milestones, and the minimum of one year and 20 lbs has been interpreted as gold standard instead of the minimum,” says Dr. Hoffman. “Parents are always looking for the next stage of development because in every other scenario, that’s a good thing. With car safety seats, however, that’s often not the case.”

The Brown County Health Department offers FREE inspections and installations.  I’ve always used them, every time I change car seats or cars or have to move the straps. Why? It’s FREE.  Besides, no matter how many times I’ve installed car seats and wrenched on them (even with the LATCH system), the experts find a way to make them more secure. 

“There is no reason that any parent should be confident enough in their car seat installation to take a risk on their child’s life,” says Dr. Baer. There’s even less reason to not do it when there are certified technicians all over the country who are easy to find and relatively inexpensive to consult.”

Three years ago I also discovered another awesome thing: the county will sell you car seats at COST. I really wanted slim car seats because I was trying to fit three in one row. The Sunshine Kids Radian65 SL Convertible Car Seat, Granite fit the bill but they cost around $225 when I checked.  And I  needed two of them to flank an infant car seat.  I’m all for spending money when it comes to my kids’ safety but that’s still a chunk of change.  Then the car seat technician mentioned they sell those particular seats for only $130 each.  (And they sell several other types of car seats, too).  That made the decision to buy them a lot easier.  $260 for two car seats versus $450 and knowing my kids are also safer is a definite plus.

You can find your local car seat inspection station by going to

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