Have you tried House Party?

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house-partyHave you heard of House Party?  You might be interested because you can get free products, coupons and lots of neat promotional items when you are picked to host a House Party.  What could be better than sharing free stuff with your friends in a party atmosphere?

I’ve hosted or been to many parties the past several  years.  Everything from the original Skylander for the Wii to a Pull-Ups Potty Dance party for my little ones.

By now you’re probably wondering how does it work?

Register at House Party under “Sign Up”.

Fill Out applications under “Find a House Party”.
Browse the parties listed and apply online to host the ones that you’d like to host.  There will be a lot of demographic information questions first, then questions that are specific to the party you are applying to host.  The good thing is once you’ve applied to one House Party, most of that demographic information is saved and you just verify it for the next party you want to host.

Check Facebook/Twitter on the date selections are announced.
When you apply to host a party, you will be given a date in which to keep an eye on Facebook or Twitter; this is the day they select hosts.  Usually the date is 3-4 weeks before the party.  It will say something like “Host selection for the Cool Widget House Party just started! Sign in now to check your application status on your Dashboard.”

There are limited slots available for each party.  Just because you fit the demographics does not automatically mean you’ll host a party. Because the invite is sent to thousands of House Party applicants that meet the same criteria as you.

You then have 30 minutes to email invites to your friends to secure your host spot.

But don’t fret if you don’t get chosen right away. I belonged to House Party for over a year before I got chosen for my first party.  Then again, my friend got chosen for her first House Party after six weeks!

House Party: Pull-Ups Potty Dance

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It’s time again to tell you about the latest House Party I got to host.  This time I was privileged to do the Pull-Ups Potty Dance f0r my 2 and 3-year olds and a few of their friends.

In case you don’t remember, House Party is a consumer product testing company (you can read my full description of the program here).  Once you register on House Party, you can apply to host any parties that interest you.  Based on that information,  you may be selected to host a House Party and most of the supplies are mailed to you.  Then you invite guests to have a good time and try the product, too.  There’s usually enough for 14-16 guests including coupons for a product or the product itself.  (You can see my Sauza Tequila party here, Skylander Spyro Wii party, and Spin Master Games party.)

Enclosed in my party pack was the following:

  • (for host) $15 Target gift card to purchase Pull-Ups
  • (14) Target Pull-Ups STORE Coupons
  • (14) Coupon booklets with Pull-Ups Manufacturer Coupons as well as Crayola, Kleenex and more! (see below)
  • (14) Potty Dance video for each guest
  • (14) Inflatable Guitar for each guest
  • (14) “Privacy” Door Hangers
  • (14) Potty Dance floor mat
  • (14) Potty Progress Chart
  • (14) Potty Dance Sticker Sheets
  • (14) Huggies Rewards Codes

(A friend of mine was selected for the same House Party about a week later after they opened up more party slots.  She didn’t get the Target gift card or Target Coupons.  She did get a coupon for a free package of Pull-Ups.  The rest of the pack was otherwise identical.)

My girls have seen the Potty Dance commercial so they are already familiar with the song.  And they love the inflatable guitars.  Heck, even their older brother and sister sing the darn Potty Dance song!

I won’t say that it convinced them to chuck diapers, but it certainly is cute to see my girls sing The Potty Dance song after using the potty.  And if they’re excited about going potty, maybe we can get rid of the diapers and pull-ups by the time summer arrives.

House Party: Skylander Spyro’s Adventure for Wii

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Yes, it has been a VERY busy month at Bargain Sleuth Central with all the huge-valued freebies!  Let me just say one thing about House Party.  Sometimes they have pretty good house parties that I’m happy to be involved in, and then there’s something like this.  This past weekend I hosted a House Party for Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure on Wii.  Happy is an understatement.

This. Game. Rocks.  It’s a video game but it’s also more than a video game.  You also use action figures to help bring the game to life.  The action figures are placed on a platform that I think looks like a horizontal Stargate.  Then that particular character comes to life in the game.  If you want to see Skylander in action, click here for a video.

First off, I was expecting to receive the video game and maybe some coupons for my guests. What I wound up with is the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Starter Pack which sells for around $70 everywhere I look.  So, WOW! Nice freebie, I know!  I’ve also heard that this is going to be one of the *hot* toys this holiday season and I can see why.

House Party also sent my guests some of the many characters. available.  One person went home with a cool poster featuring all the characters while my son absconded with the other poster.  The other neat thing is that the kids can play with the action figures when they’re not playing the game.

Everyone at the party had a great time.  I really enjoyed the game, the parents and kids at the party enjoyed the game, too.  The only negative about the party is that I couldn’t squirrel this thing away as a Christmas gift for the kids. :-)  However, I am going to get the Target-exclusive figurine that I saw in the store last week.  Can’t say enough about it!

House Party: Spin Master Games

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It’s been a very busy month of consumer product testing here at Bargain Sleuth Central.  I was recently asked by House Party to host a Spin Master Games party.

The main reason I wanted to host this party was because I have friends who posted videos about  a year ago from their Quelf night.  They were laughing hysterically so I was obviously curious.

It’s hard to describe Quelf Board Game other than to say it’s hilarious and completely random!  I read a review where someone described it as Cranium on Crack–for adults.  You have to have a really good sense of humor.   Definitely a pee-your-pants type of game once you get going. :-)

Logo Board Game is just what you think it’s going to be about:  there are 400 cards that test you on your knowledge of well-known and not-so-well known companies and products.   There’s a bit of nostalgia involved, too, because it talks about brands that no longer exist, either.

I’ve always loved playing board games but even if you don’t, these are different than your traditional board games so you might like them, too!

Later this week I’ll tell you all about the other House Party I had the pleasure to host.

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