House Party: Spin Master Games

October 25, 2011 by · Leave a Comment
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It’s been a very busy month of consumer product testing here at Bargain Sleuth Central.  I was recently asked by House Party to host a Spin Master Games party.

The main reason I wanted to host this party was because I have friends who posted videos about  a year ago from their Quelf night.  They were laughing hysterically so I was obviously curious.

It’s hard to describe Quelf Board Game other than to say it’s hilarious and completely random!  I read a review where someone described it as Cranium on Crack–for adults.  You have to have a really good sense of humor.   Definitely a pee-your-pants type of game once you get going. :-)

Logo Board Game is just what you think it’s going to be about:  there are 400 cards that test you on your knowledge of well-known and not-so-well known companies and products.   There’s a bit of nostalgia involved, too, because it talks about brands that no longer exist, either.

I’ve always loved playing board games but even if you don’t, these are different than your traditional board games so you might like them, too!

Later this week I’ll tell you all about the other House Party I had the pleasure to host.