Just a few days left for Amazon’s March grocery specials

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Each month Amazon features certain food products on sale.  This month there have been a few I’ve mentioned that are still on sale through the 31st.  As with anything regarding Amazon, it’s important to know your prices before you browse, especially when it comes to groceries (and household goods, too–I just saw a blogger amazed at Bounty for $2.19 a roll when I picked some up at Target last week and the same size was less than a $1 a roll).

Prices fluctuate throughout the month so what might not be a good deal one day will be a smokin’ hot deal the next.  I monitor Amazon.com for things that garner my interest as closely as investors watch the stock market.  When the price drops, BUY! :-)

Here are some things that are available for additional discounts when you use coupon codes AND also use Subscribe and Save:

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts an additional 25% off 
(see my more detailed post on this deal here.)

Additional 30% off Roland Foods products
(My post on mandarin oranges price break down is here).

Additional 30% off Lipton teas
Additional 25% off Numi teas

(I had a few posts specifically about tea deals here and here).

Additional 30% off Skippy, Hellmans or Wishbone
(Skippy peanut butter as low as 9 cents an ounce!?  Read that post here).

Those are just a few of the March specials.  Want to see the rest?
March Sales and Specials: Save up to an additional 40% off

Mandarin Oranges: 24-14 oz cans only $21.53

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Another great deal I’ve been keeping my eye on this month at Amazon.com is Roland Foods an additional 30% off when you use Subscribe and Save AND use code ROLAN655 at the checkout..  I HAD to get the deal on the Mandarin Oranges.

My kids eat mandarin oranges by the can.  And now that we have four kids, those small cans of mandarins just don’t cut it.  So I always look for the larger cans.  And just as a personal preference, I don’t want them in light syrup, they’re sweet enough as it is, and I’ve found it’s not always easy to find fruits packed in water.  I did a local price check on the mandarins, then ordered them from Amazon last week.  We also tasted them before giving The Bargain Sleuth seal of approval. :-)

$21.55 for Roland Whole Mandarin Segments in Water, 14-Ounce Can (Pack of 24).  The lowest I could find these cans was $1.09 a can at Woodmans.  This deal is 89 cents when you buy 24 cans.  If you multiply the savings by 24 cans, I saved $4.80 ordering them. You  might ask yourself, who needs 24 cans?  The mother of four little kids who love to eat these suckers!

You know the drill:  Amazon can change prices anytime!