Walgreens–it’s such a good deal-NOT

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I never really shopped Walgreens but so many people kept telling me I could get things for “Free” or “better than free” that I worked the sales for a few weeks. I even went to SEVEN Walgreens in the Green Bay area (University, E. Mason/Main, East Mason, Military, Howard, Oneida/Cormier and Oneida/West Mason) and a couple of the stores I tried several times: Military Avenue, Oneida/Cormier and West Mason/Oneida. Here’s what I learned:

  • They don’t have an official coupon policy that customers can see/print out. Everything is word-of-mouth via blogs. How the heck can I support a store that doesn’t give their customers clear guidelines?
  • Which brings me to the next point, every store, hell, every CASHIER seems to do things differently. For every good one there were five bad cashiers who didn’t understand how coupons work, especially when combining a Walgreens coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon.
  • Register Rewards can be great if you go to the store and buy items for the exact amount of your register rewards, otherwise you’re still spending money. Granted, you can earn another register reward based upon what you bought the second time, but that’s the hook: you have to go back to the store within two weeks to buy something or “lose” that money. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to replace toiletries every week or even every two weeks to get something.
  • Walgreens is fine if you regularly use those products that they have on sale and you can combine coupons/earn register rewards, but I guess I don’t. I bought some things strictly to try them because I was getting them so cheaply but it’s not normally stuff I would buy and I didn’t like most of it. I never get excited for the Proctor and Gamble coupon booklets/sales cuz most of that stuff is not what my family uses. Not a case of being brand loyal, it’s more a case of super-sensitive skin for all of us and wanting to avoid as many chemicals as possible–P&G stuff is traditionally made and even if fragrance-free, has what I find to be questionable ingredients in some items. Yes, I can donate the stuff that I got “for free” or nearly free but if I don’t need to go to the store for any other reason, I probably won’t.

That’s not to say Walgreens deals aren’t a good deal for you but they are more high maintenance than even I like to deal with and as mentioned, I don’t buy many of the items offered on sale (notice I did not say I don’t buy ANY–there are a few but the extra trip far outweighs the reward in most cases). And if you’ve been following me all along, then you know that this is not meant to be an objective “here’s what’s on sale this week” kind of places. I’m gonna tell you what I learned and how I felt and you can take it with a grain of salt. After all, I am only one person. In conclusion, if you’re looking for some fab deals at Walgreens, I’m not gonna be the one to tell you about them cuz I won’t be going there unless it’s an insanely good deal.

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