50% off Vodka + more liquor deals

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It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned them, but once again Superior Discount Liquors has a deal that can’t be beat:  Prairie Organic Vodka 1.75 ml bottles are normally $24.99 but right now they’re $12.99.  We aren’t picky about many of the libations we enjoy from time to time so while Smirnoff is nice to impress guests,  we can live with another brand for our occasional drinks.  I noticed Prairie Farms some time ago and have wanted to try it.  Here’s my chance!

Quantities are limited.

There is another great deal at Superior, too.  Ice Hole Schnapps 750 ml is only $7.99 or 1 liter bottles $10.99.  AND there’s a rebate where you can get up to $10 back when you buy two bottles. (Buy one bottles and get $3.00 back)

$7.99 x 2 =
$5.98 for two bottles of Schnapps

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Ursus flavored vodkas 1.75l FREE after rebate!

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Right now Festival Foods on West Mason has a new type of flavored vodka called Ursus.  And one of the great things about new products is they are often on sale.  This is no exception.  Two of the flavors are $9.99 for the 1.75l bottles. And it gets better!  There is also a rebate tag on the bottle for $10 off your purchase of 1-1.75l bottle!

Important to note that not ALL flavors are on sale for $9.99 (one of the three was NOT) and NOT at all Festival stores, either.  I actually checked at the Suamico store yesterday and none were $9.99.  But those same ones WERE on sale at West Mason.  Might want to call your Festival ahead of time if you’re interested.

Thanks for the heads up, Kelly!