Woodmans features printable coupons!

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woodmansWoodmans grocery stores launched a weekly online sales flyer earlier this year, and this week they have added a new wrinkle: printable coupons!

This week’s flyer includes the following (all expire on 10/02):

  • $1 off a $5 produce purchase
  • $1 off a $5 meat purchase
  • $1 off a $5 organic & natural purchase
  • $1 off a $5 pet purchase

Click here to see this week’s flyer and get your hot coupons!

Be sure to sign up for the weekly email so you can get these coupons whenever they become available.

Click here for the Green Bay location.

Click here for the Appleton location.


Green Bay grocery shopping: I remember when…

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Whenever I host coupon classes, the topic of how couponing has changed often comes up.  So I thought I’d get a little nostalgic and share some of my memories of growing up and shopping in Green Bay.

So let’s join Professor Peabody and his pet boy Sherman for another trip in the Wayback Machine.

For instance, I remember when…

  • New Market, the grocery store that was on Oneida Street in Ashwaubenon.  Loved that store.  Even though they were small, they often had really good deals!  Like Pork Tenderloin for $.99 a lb.
  • Kohls grocery stores with their unmistakable half-circle arch on their stores.  The East side store became a Rogans shoes, the west side was Big Lots.  The building was razed a few years ago.
  • When Cub Foods came to town, they were a giant store compared to the others, their prices were cheaper and they had these new things that scanned something called UPC codes.
  • Remember the giant coupon bins at the front of the store at Cub?  I never asked but always assumed they took the leftover Sunday newspaper coupon inserts and cut up the coupons.  Every time I looked it was always the same coupons that I didn’t want and none of the ones I was looking for.
  • Blazei’s Sausage Shoppe on Velp Avenue and Buddha’s Sausage Shop on Main.  Blazei’s lives on through Olsen’s Piggly Wiggly–when the Olsens bought the store, the Blazei’s taught them all their signature recipes.
  • We used to drive to Appleton to shop at Woodmans once a month because Green Bay didn’t have a Woodmans until about 1990.
  • When Woodmans came to Green Bay,  they were the first store to accept internet printables (when printing coupons was still in its infancy).  And on their first and second anniversaries, they even had unlimited DOUBLE COUPON events.
  • Then Woodmans famously stopped taking internet printables for more than a decade.  They started accepting them more than two years ago but many people still believe they don’t!
  • I discovered Copps was doing Double Daze about nine years ago.  In a way, they helped me become a much better strategic shopper instead of just buying what was on my list.
  • Festival Foods became my favorite store when I was ridiculously pregnant and found their Pregnant and New Mom parking.   Oh, yes, four kids in six years, I used that spot a lot!
  • NestEgg.com had printable coupons where the face value was only $.10, but once redeemed, as much as $2.00 was put into an online account that you could cash out later.
  • How about the Copps Warehouse on Taylor Street where they had flat carts ala Sam’s Club?  Years before warehouse clubs popped up all over the country, too.  It was a pilot store that never got off the ground probably because it was at least a decade ahead of it’s time.  That store morphed into what is now Taylor Creek home furnishings.

Those are just some of my memories of grocery shopping in Green Bay.  What are some of your memories?

Woodman’s launches weekly sales flyer

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woodmansIf you shop Woodman’s, how many times have you thought, “When will they put out a sales flyer?”   Well, guess what? Woodman’s Grocery Stores has launched a weekly online sales flyer.  This week’s ad is good through July 3, 2013.

Click here for the Green Bay location.

Click here for the Appleton location.

Will you use this?  I know I will!

What are your grocery staples?

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GroceryCart1About two years ago I polled readers, friends, & relatives on items they regularly bought at the grocery store.

I then whittled my list down to about three dozen different items which included everything from:

  • milk
  • eggs
  • butter
  • peanut butter
  • ketchup
  • loaves of bread (white and whole grain)
  • soda
  • I also included all sorts of  popular “dead animal”  choices like
      • boneless skinless chicken breast
      • pork chops
      • ground beef, chuck or round, etc.

Based upon their answers, I shopped all the major grocery stores in our area to find out who had the best regular prices.  (You can see those results here).  Because let’s face it, shopping the sales isn’t enough these days.  It’s what you put in your cart that isn’t on sale that can make a big difference, too!

A lot can happen in two years.  For one thing, my family has completely changed our shopping strategies.  Target now carries groceries.  Olsen’s Piggly Wiggly now doubles coupons and has increased the size of their store.  We’ll be getting a Costco in the fall.

I was thinking about doing the research again to see if there was any differences.  Is that 2011 informal study still relevant?

So I’m asking you:  what are your grocery must-haves?  Help me decide which items need to be on the list!

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